Euron Europ 2010

3Europ Euron Annual Meeting, 10,11,12 of March 2010


EUROP the European Robotics Technology Platform

EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, is an industry-driven framework for the main stakeholders in robotics to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in robotic R&D, as well as global markets, and to improve quality of life.


EURON  the European Robotics Research Network

EURON is a shorthand for European Robotics Research Network. It is the community of more than 200 academic and industrial groups in Europe with a common interest in doing advanced research and development to make better robots.


With the support of :

euRobotics: European Robotics Coordination Action
Grant agreement number: 248552

This FP7 Coordination Action funded by the EC, targets two main objectives : the improvement of cooperation between industry and academia and the enhancement of public perception of European robotics.

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